Prana Framework

Inversion of Control for ActionScript 3.0


Prana is an Inversion of Control (IoC) Container for ActionScript 3.0, and more specifically the Flex framework. It enables you to configure objects and components in a non-intrusive way by describing them in an external xml document and having them loaded at runtime.

At its core is a Spring-ish application context and IoC container. The xml dialect for the application context is aimed to be Spring compliant.

Further, the framework also contains utility classes for configuring and extending Cairngorm and PureMVC applications, a Reflection API and general utilities. In the future we’ll be looking into adding AOP support and Mock objects for FlexUnit, and we’re always open for suggestions.

For documentation and a list of resources you can visit the Documentation page. If you want to play around with the framework or have a look a the source code, check the Download page. Get in touch with the developers and the users of Prana at the Community page.

The Prana Framework is licensed under the terms of the BSD license.